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Aluminum Sheet for PC Case

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Aluminum Sheet for PC Case

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1) A1050, A1100, A1150, A1200
-Utensil, decoration, reflecting plate, printing plate, heatproof plate.
-Easy to process and weld, resistant to rust, high conductibility of electricity and heat, low strength

2) A3003, A3004,H3003,X3000
-Utensil(F/P, inside of rice cooker), aluminum can,material for interior and exterior of building.
-A3003-Hard Anodizing & Enamel Cookwares, general wares, frying pan, wok, pot, ceramic coating, rigid film, regular film and so on
-A3004 - Pressure cooker, electric rice cooker, utensil
-A3005 : Cellular Phone
-H3003,X3000 : Special items only for Frypan

3) A5005, A5052
-Easy to process and weld and superior soundproof
-Parts of Electronic goods: LCD, PDP, PC Case, Laptop
-Automobile Components: Sunroof Frame, ECU Case etc.
-Plate for Traffic Sign
-Part for Leisure Industry : Roller Blades etc.
-Umbrella ribs
-Part for communication tools

4) A8011, N8150
-Kitchen utensils, 8000 series is durable to process with special alloy.
-N8150 : Milky surface after Anodizing, GoodWorkability

5) I9000
-Kitchen utensils,Milky surface after Anodizing, Improved the Strength of N8150 Alloy

6) Clad
*2ply, 3ply, 5ply
-Stainless(18-10, 18-0), copper + Aluminum 1050, 3003

2. Size

-Thickness(m/m) : 0.5~4.8
-Width(m/m) : Max 770
-Inside diameter Min 500mm, Outside diameter Max 1,300mm

2) Sheet
-Thickness(m/m) : 0.5~4.8
-Width(m/m) : Max 770

3) Circle
-Thickness : 0.5~4.8
-Width(m/m) : 160~680

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